October 24, 2010

Corridor Theory: Part One

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 A corridor is a stretch of land from one point to another, often with rooms or apartments opening into it.

A corridor is a place where one must keep moving. It is a place where current must exist in one form of other. One does not stand in the corridor doing nothing, despite its antechamber role. Some institutions recognise the entryway role the corridor plays by placing out seats. They do not know that sitting in a chair in a corridor exposes one to much humiliation and evacuation of being as sitting in a chair on the street.

The fundamental un-homeliness of corridors is implied by the fact that the rooms to which they give access to are nearly always numbered, in a way that usual rooms in a house, however gigantic, could never be...

Bear in mind, while traveling in a corridor, you have no starting point. Points of reference can be applied to calculate distance(this can also be applied to calculate displacement, but I digress), however, the general idea is motion in a corridor can fluctuate as how it would happen in this-

A corridor, when viewed from one end, seems to converge everything into one single spot. This can be interpreted as an avatar of the human potential; when concentrated, flames of personal potential will be ignited.

This idea can be applied to our everyday lives as an exercise. Imagine a corridor leading to light at the end. Focus on the shining end. Now apply this principle to a pleasant looking object, preferably a flower. Stare at the heart of the rose. Savor its fragrance and think only about your target. At first, other thoughts will start creeping into your mind, much like how stuff would emerge from the rooms of the corridor, distracting you from the heart. This is a mark of the untrained mind. Return your attention to the object of your focus. Soon your mind will grow strong and disciplined.

As proven by the example above: the corridor can train human willpower.

The Corridor's potential cannot be left untapped.

Hanging on-

Fun Fact: corridor thinks that the corridors in schools are insults to the magnificence of corridors.

References: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma ISBN:0060756691
Image from: http://www.findingspace.org/images/corridor.jpg

October 19, 2010

Introduction to the Corridor Theories


The Corridor Theories are those that attempt to elevate your standard of written English. While nonsensical in nature, these theories are splendid, scientifically proven methods to, in layman's terms, waste your time. Nonetheless, the theories generally are able to provide entertainment to a certain degree(in one form or another).

What, exactly, is a corridor?
till the end of time

General definition[noun]: a long, narrow passage in a building or train, with doors that open into rooms.
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Lets not stray off the path. This is not a English lesson. It is our task to explore the metaphorical, 'subversive', parts of the word.

Originally coined as blasphemy, the metaphorical regions of corridors have never been explored, let alone applied. [Note: Corridor(an alias) once tried to utilise this theory to change the world for the better, but sadly was hunted down by laughter artillery and ridicule snipers. He now lives under another alias borrowed from a well-known car company] A corridor is a corridor. -anticlimax However, to the trained eye, it represents= distance/area travelled.

Experts argue that displacement is the correct unit for velocity(this will be used in a later theory), however, displacement cannot be applied to the Corridor Theories. This will be explained later in great detail, for now, it is also because distance has no direction.
(this is a gross oversimplication, but it is enough for now)

Until next time-


Fun Fact: the author [Corridor] spends a lot of his time patrolling corridors when he is wearing a maroon blazer.