January 18, 2011


 Justice is killed right before our very eyes. This crime against society remains unanswered. People simply choose not to see.


He stays. That is final.

but, why? He has clearly no right to remain as one of us!

You will do as we say.



why? why does she insist on having him with us? He does not have the right t...

*hears whispers*

...would like to hear ... reason...
I know, but he... money... our organisation... 

...connected... we... *pause* ..mother... generous donor...

-can this be?-

don't see... how letting one... on team affects... overall...
You... good point... *long pause* ...scussion... over...
*chairs scratch the floor*

*running footsteps*

Sad. To you, it might not seem much, to us, even more so. Justice does not fill bellies, justice do not help people survive. What harm could it get, what difference would it make, if, we... close one eye?

-We'll choose not to see. It's for our own good, and the members of our organisation would benefit greatly from it. I care for the members of my organisation, almost all of them with less then 2 decades of age.
I don't see what difference would it make. Yes, our organisation is meant to educate.-

It makes all the difference in the world.

What we have here, is the seeds of corruption. Highly arguable, you say, in favour of the greater good and the interests of the educational organisation, as a whole. However, You are an EDUCATOR. Your job is to instill a solid foundation of knowledge in our members and propagate moral values.

What would others think? What sort of example are you setting? You have, under you, the future leaders of the nation! What good is education when they have no sense of accountability?

You care for the members of the 'organisation'. While your concern shows that you're not doing this intentionally(or at least, not with ulterior motives), you should have enough wisdom by now to gain a little bit of foresight! Do you wish for our future leaders to think using their stomachs? 


*knocks door* 

Arisato-kun, dinner is ready.

yes, 'll be there in a sec.


sigh. One person can only do so much. And in my case, nothing at all.

 *shuffles downstairs*