November 20, 2010

Incoming Delivery

Hi, Corridor here.

No, this has nothing to do with the corridor theories, instead, this is something far more minor and semi-personal.
Usually I don't showcase my gifts(stuff that I receive), but well, this is a spe-

Let the pictures speak for themselves
Bask in the glory of both.

Sent to me by my uncle[who is an accomplished software engineer].

The book on the left is The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman. As much as I would like to elaborate more on the book, I fear my skills are insufficient to convey the magnificence of it. Do some googling yourselves. Simply put, the book puts the content of this blog to shame, but I (kinda)digress~

The box on the right needs no further introduction.
Some peeks at the inside.

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November 8, 2010

Corridor Theory: Deux

As long as a stretch of land has the characteristics of a corridor, i.e. obeys the fundamentals, there is no reason why the corridor effect should be absent.

Relative to motion in a corridor, displacement is always measured in units of distance. On the whole, for an object/a person to travel from point A to point B in a corridor, the logical(and most simple) method to calculate displacement of the object is to measure the distance between the two points. However, as a corridor is linear in nature, to bring in vector quantities would cause a paradox and cause the final result in reference to the corridor effect to be undefined.

In a nutshell, it is safe to assume any sort of displacement must be determined by looking at the distance traveled. Theoretically, displacement can be obtained by just measuring distance between points, but sadly displacement is not a factor in the corridor(refer above) and cannot be brought into the theory.

On the other hand, to calculate speed of the object we MUST apply vector quantities to the equation. The question is, how fast a person takes to travel from one point to the other.

Example: Person A takes 10 minutes to travel from point A to point B because he passed through point C, which is way behind point A. Assuming that point B is a few units in front of point B, it can be deduced that the person wasted time and took a long time to reach point B.


Bear in mind that the corridor is simply a pathway to enable a person to travel from one point to another. Any other distance traveled is irrelevant to the final result(arriving at the destination). Therefore any other directions of motion with does not correspond to the one in the direction of the target will be regarded as time-consuming and inefficient.

Example2: Person B takes 8 minutes to travel from point A to point B, however he travels in a straight line, with no other distractions.

In real life, this can be compared to a person who has superior abilities, yet diverges from the correct pathway, as wasting his/her talent away. In the examples above, it is clear that person A possesses superior speed compared to person B yet person B reaches the destination first. This stresses how important focus is to our daily lives and what happens if we overestimate our own abilities.

A (slightly inaccurate)version for children can be found here-

In comparison of the differing speed between two objects in a corridor(can be applied elsewhere too) provided one object is a significant distance ahead of the other, Floyd's cycle-finding algorithm may be applied to avoid mathematical impossibilities such as 'Achilles and the Tortoise'
Read more:
[Note: Understanding this concept is unnecessary to progress in the corridor theory]

A corridor with rooms so long they can be considered corridors, i.e. branching corridors or a series of corridors can be considered as a maze.
Sight of the target is forfeited for more puzzle-solving intelligence and will result in a spike in the difficulty curve.

Disadvantageous, yes. Pointless, maybe.
However this makes reaching the target all the more satisfying.

Until next time-
(Ugly semi-mathematical part is out of the way)


Image from: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3

-Not-so-fun fact-
Persona 3 is a game containing elements of the corridor and the Dark Hour with integration of mythology and was the main catalyst that ignited corridor's interest in various religions.

October 24, 2010

Corridor Theory: Part One

Listen to the previous music in the introduction to maximise the impact of today's lesson

 A corridor is a stretch of land from one point to another, often with rooms or apartments opening into it.

A corridor is a place where one must keep moving. It is a place where current must exist in one form of other. One does not stand in the corridor doing nothing, despite its antechamber role. Some institutions recognise the entryway role the corridor plays by placing out seats. They do not know that sitting in a chair in a corridor exposes one to much humiliation and evacuation of being as sitting in a chair on the street.

The fundamental un-homeliness of corridors is implied by the fact that the rooms to which they give access to are nearly always numbered, in a way that usual rooms in a house, however gigantic, could never be...

Bear in mind, while traveling in a corridor, you have no starting point. Points of reference can be applied to calculate distance(this can also be applied to calculate displacement, but I digress), however, the general idea is motion in a corridor can fluctuate as how it would happen in this-

A corridor, when viewed from one end, seems to converge everything into one single spot. This can be interpreted as an avatar of the human potential; when concentrated, flames of personal potential will be ignited.

This idea can be applied to our everyday lives as an exercise. Imagine a corridor leading to light at the end. Focus on the shining end. Now apply this principle to a pleasant looking object, preferably a flower. Stare at the heart of the rose. Savor its fragrance and think only about your target. At first, other thoughts will start creeping into your mind, much like how stuff would emerge from the rooms of the corridor, distracting you from the heart. This is a mark of the untrained mind. Return your attention to the object of your focus. Soon your mind will grow strong and disciplined.

As proven by the example above: the corridor can train human willpower.

The Corridor's potential cannot be left untapped.

Hanging on-

Fun Fact: corridor thinks that the corridors in schools are insults to the magnificence of corridors.

References: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma ISBN:0060756691
Image from:

October 19, 2010

Introduction to the Corridor Theories


The Corridor Theories are those that attempt to elevate your standard of written English. While nonsensical in nature, these theories are splendid, scientifically proven methods to, in layman's terms, waste your time. Nonetheless, the theories generally are able to provide entertainment to a certain degree(in one form or another).

What, exactly, is a corridor?
till the end of time

General definition[noun]: a long, narrow passage in a building or train, with doors that open into rooms.
Take a break, and listen to this hauntingly peaceful melody while you take it in.

I hope you have the song playing whilst you readth these verses~

Lets not stray off the path. This is not a English lesson. It is our task to explore the metaphorical, 'subversive', parts of the word.

Originally coined as blasphemy, the metaphorical regions of corridors have never been explored, let alone applied. [Note: Corridor(an alias) once tried to utilise this theory to change the world for the better, but sadly was hunted down by laughter artillery and ridicule snipers. He now lives under another alias borrowed from a well-known car company] A corridor is a corridor. -anticlimax However, to the trained eye, it represents= distance/area travelled.

Experts argue that displacement is the correct unit for velocity(this will be used in a later theory), however, displacement cannot be applied to the Corridor Theories. This will be explained later in great detail, for now, it is also because distance has no direction.
(this is a gross oversimplication, but it is enough for now)

Until next time-


Fun Fact: the author [Corridor] spends a lot of his time patrolling corridors when he is wearing a maroon blazer.

July 23, 2010

The Correct, Unabbreviated Version of The Bibilical account of light.

And God said “Let there be fields, an electrical field and a magnetic field.” And there were fields, and it was good. And God said “Let the electrical and magnetic fields have zero divergence. And let the curl of the electrical field be the negative of the change of the magnetic field with respect to time.” And it was so. And God said “Let the curl of the magnetic field be the product of the permittivity and permeability of the void with the change of the electrical field with respect to time.” And, lo, there was light. Who needs it???

Riding on the edge of time,


Modern Chivalry

Gave my seat to an elderly woman in the public bus today.

And the bus driver thought I wanted to get off. @@

The reason why I gave my seat was because the old Indian lady had nowhere to sit, poor thing...
No one else was willing to budge, (and due to the fact that the time was just after solat, the bus was actually full of malays, but that's another story. Don't want to be racist even though we might be telling the truth.) so I willingly gave my seat. Anyway I like standing, so no loss~