October 24, 2010

Corridor Theory: Part One

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 A corridor is a stretch of land from one point to another, often with rooms or apartments opening into it.

A corridor is a place where one must keep moving. It is a place where current must exist in one form of other. One does not stand in the corridor doing nothing, despite its antechamber role. Some institutions recognise the entryway role the corridor plays by placing out seats. They do not know that sitting in a chair in a corridor exposes one to much humiliation and evacuation of being as sitting in a chair on the street.

The fundamental un-homeliness of corridors is implied by the fact that the rooms to which they give access to are nearly always numbered, in a way that usual rooms in a house, however gigantic, could never be...

Bear in mind, while traveling in a corridor, you have no starting point. Points of reference can be applied to calculate distance(this can also be applied to calculate displacement, but I digress), however, the general idea is motion in a corridor can fluctuate as how it would happen in this-

A corridor, when viewed from one end, seems to converge everything into one single spot. This can be interpreted as an avatar of the human potential; when concentrated, flames of personal potential will be ignited.

This idea can be applied to our everyday lives as an exercise. Imagine a corridor leading to light at the end. Focus on the shining end. Now apply this principle to a pleasant looking object, preferably a flower. Stare at the heart of the rose. Savor its fragrance and think only about your target. At first, other thoughts will start creeping into your mind, much like how stuff would emerge from the rooms of the corridor, distracting you from the heart. This is a mark of the untrained mind. Return your attention to the object of your focus. Soon your mind will grow strong and disciplined.

As proven by the example above: the corridor can train human willpower.

The Corridor's potential cannot be left untapped.

Hanging on-

Fun Fact: corridor thinks that the corridors in schools are insults to the magnificence of corridors.

References: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma ISBN:0060756691
Image from: http://www.findingspace.org/images/corridor.jpg


  1. Does the corridor effect have a correlation with its width?

  2. Actually, yes, but only in extreme cases, i.e. where the width is in relative to its length, which will make it not a corridor, but a room.

    Therefore it is safe to regard the corridor effect being independent of its width. Although this subject remains highly arguable.

  3. Now I finally know why you've choseon your nickname and the name for your blog : ) This seems to be another of your posts that influenced my way of thinking, in a sort of philosophicaly-academic way. Corridor is truelly a great metaphor for perception and strenght of the minds. And as you mentioned: in business or even in diplomacy, being 'forced' to wait in the corridor is a real humiliation, in a sort of official, acceptable way.


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