June 9, 2011

Legacy: Humans?

The world is not immortal. Nothing is.

What do you think would happen if humanity were to disappear?

Let's imagine a future where there are no more humans on Planet Earth. A future where all humans are dead, or missing. A possible dimension where the world is free, without mankind.

I went out, one day, taking a stroll on the streets of human infrastructure. My mission was to observe all signboards, the buildings and the sidewalks, looking at everything as though all humans were to disappear. There must be another sentient, intelligent civilisation out there. What if they were to come across our deserted planet, one that had no signs of life?

I picture them to land and gather information regarding the human civilisation, by looking at the relics we left behind. What would they conclude?

What would you conclude?

Strolling down the streets, I see signboards and advertisements of people laughing, having fun. Flyers of insurance and bank loans are all over the pavement. The graffiti on the walls would probably make no sense to the lifeforms that would learn our history. I assume myself to be one of them, seeing everything in a different angle.

I see a group of people laughing at random people passing by. I remind myself that they are not there in this particular future, the future where no humans remain. I stroll on.

Electronic paraphernalia and screens flash and flare. Would they still work once humans are gone? I suppose so, since electricity cycle is automated. Probably not for long. I observe the images on the television screen. Bands perform, newsanchors drone on, citizens lament...

My brain stubbornly resisted my efforts to be an alien landing on Earth for the first time.

I reassure myself that the laws of the universe are constant throughout the cosmos. Aliens might not recognise Newton, but they'll surely know his laws of Motion. They might not recognise our concepts of science, but they will know Hydrogen has only one proton. They won't know Einstein, but they must know about relativity.

With this 'knowledge' in my mind, I transform myself into an individual that is no longer a part of the world. I continue my walk, taking each step forward with a brain utterly devoid of direction. Thoughts fill my mind and several voices in my head argue.

My efforts as an alien chronicler were valiant, but futile. I will try again in the future.


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  1. Interesting post. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sometimes when I see the direction this world has taken, I think it would be better if humanity was removed and this planet started over again.

  3. I first thought that this was a post about Tron: Legacy.

  4. The world would be just better without humans, as a dog would feel better without parasites (pretty sad comparison, I know, but it gives you the idea). Great blog.

  5. AnonymousJune 09, 2011

    Things would get better, sadly.

  6. Yes the world would/will be better withou humans. It is just a privilege that we can live on earth, this does not mean that we can do anything we want.

  7. Woah never thought about this lol. And nice banner :]

  8. Very interesting write up!

  9. thats very interested

  10. Very interesting post indeed! Love it.


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