September 14, 2011

Cognition and thinking

Yes, this is outside of the field of Physics.

To quote:

'The individual neurons of the brain coordinate to create a unified sense of a coherent mind, analogous to the social organization displayed in a colony of ants.'

On a related note,

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

Highly recommended reading.

This point shall be stressed again. GEB is a magnificent book that screams to be read. 

Comments are always welcome.


  1. Seems I should read it indeed. The picture created by the quote is sure a nice way to prevent a fucked mined when trying to understand how shit works in our head...

  2. There's so much we don't know about that matter. The human brain it's really amazing. If only we knew how to use it more wisely...


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