November 29, 2011

Starcraft 2 and the real world.

Starcraft II is a Science-Fiction Real-Time Strategy game that is currently a successful e-Sport with many codes of ongoing tournaments that have prize pools ranging up to the hundred thousands.

Many of you who have played the game must have realised that the physics in the Starcraft II universe is flawed and cannot possibly exist in the real world. However, this month-old post on the forums attempts to illustrate the connection between known laws of physics and the official lore of starcraft.

Read it here:

Ever wonder what exactly are the Minerals in Starcraft?
How about the healing mechanism of the medivac?
How mutalisks can fly in space?
How do Warp Gates work?
Click the above link to find out!

Overall the post is really well written. There are a few issues which I feel are addressed poorly, specifically the Protoss ones. Negative Gravitation? While this phenomenon has been observed to exist, there is no logical way for a negative value of gravitational force to bring about time acceleration. Perhaps that would be the only way that 'Chronoboost' can be explained.

That aside, the protoss unit shields were claimed to be based upon an anti-gravitation force, when  perhaps the original explanation ( would have made more sense. It is surprisingly difficult to imagine anti-gravitation acting as a defense mechanism. The wikipedia article on 
might help to understand.

EDIT: I was wrong, as further study on Gravitational Time Dilation confirmed the acceleration of 'time'.  Read more:


  1. If gravity is a force directed to the center of mass, antigravity would be a force directed in the opposite direction.
    If so, it could cause marine bullets to stop and not harm the protoss for example, so in my eyes, this could make some sense :)

  2. indeed in certain way yet mm i dont really give much of thinking about it, i am not really a fan of those games and well comparing them as how it can be taken on real world is just XD like trying to discover new tecnology haha, i wont say is bad is actually a good idea heh =3

  3. interesting post! a little bit far away but i like it :)

  4. Well humans they have all the technology atached and a simbiotic conection of machine flesh, and loads of money.. well minerals somehow these minerasl power the engines of everything.. and int he same regard then the minerals work as food for the zergs, casue they eat nutritious minerals and EVOLVE ala pokemon into greater beasts.. as for protos.. they just mine minerals to create their pylons.. and pylons is the life source for protoos basically theya re magical they are verything ALL HAIL PYLONS WE NEED MORE PYLONS D:


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