January 9, 2012

A Night with the Stars

Here's some really interesting knowledge to relax your mind after the constant wave of X-ray postings:

If you didn't know Pr. Brian Cox before this, you do know. Professor Brian Cox is a British physicis- I think I should leave that to wikipedia. Read his wikipedia entry to know the nitty-gritty stuff!

In general, he's a pretty awesome person. A rockstar physicist.


I implore you to watch this video, not only for the sake of knowledge, but the video is very entertaining and explains the basics of quantum physics (Quantum Theory) in great detail. Recorded meticulously by the wonderful people over at the BBC at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Pr. Cox brings us mundane people to the wonderful world of particle physics, in just one hour. You'll be wishing that the video lasts forever by the time you're done.

Pr. Brian Cox - A Night with the Stars.

Did you think physics was nerdy? Well, you thought wrong.

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  1. Pretty cool video! I can just suggest this Video to anybody must see.
    You need a long time but its definately worth it!


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