March 18, 2012

Filler Post

I blame Golden Sun: The Lost Age for my love for video game soundtracks.

And Pokemon. Mainly Pokemon Silver. I spend endless hours covering video game tunes on my guitar/fiddle/whatever close to me when the mood strikes.

None of which are of presentable quality, of course. (my covers)

Oh, Blazblue and Guilty Gear are the main perpetrators of my liking towards melodic soloes.

Not many people listen to video game music. Pop music dominates over the young generation. I like pop music too, but I also like my gaim musics, which is, sadly not the case for many other people.

If you want someone else to listen to video game music, just throw Bastion at them. Should work out fine.

Speaking of which, Megaman X - Maverick Rising is the album i'm listening to right now, and I must say, it really is quality material.

What does this have to do with Physics? Nothing whatsoever, I'm just mulling over what music to listen to while i begin reading 'The Infinity Puzzle' by Frank Close. It just arrived in the mail today.

Will probably share what I read. Cheers.

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