April 3, 2011

A rainbow.

While I was strolling down the exhibits of the Ikeda Photography Exhibition, something caught my eye. 
We weren't allowed to bring cameras, so no, no pictures to show here. 

It was a picture of a rainbow. A photograph of a rainbow.

The tour guide explained to us that the purpose of the photograph was to celebrate the magnificence of the rainbow. The rainbow is a reflection of human life force. Forever Vibrant.

My words will do the rainbow no justice. I lack the skills to share with you the grandeur of the rainbow. Perhaps this excerpt here will... light the way.

Faust, Part II, Act II

But see how, rising from the turbulence,
the rainbow forms its changing-unchanged arch
of Human striving it's a perfect symbol
ponder this well to understand more clearly
that what we have as life is a many-hued reflection.

I had my breath taken away.


Yes, Cerebrate?