July 19, 2011

Music's Secret Recipe.

Verse 2
Chorus 2
Chorus 3

Does this look familiar to you? This has been the structure for most pop music for the past few years. A pop song usually consists of a series of verses, interspersed with a refrain(Chorus), and often with an instrumental breakdown(which are the favourite parts of songs of many, including yours truly).
The chorus is usually arranged to be in contrast with the verses harmonically, melodically and lyrically in a colourful burst of sound. Choruses are usually fuller in sound, and usually contain the 'hook' of the piece.

People have attempted to alter this primordial structure to give their songs a unique twist of their own, which ultimately resulted in the single-hook-endless-repetition songs that we have today.

It's a matter of personal taste in music, so I shall not delve any further into the genres of music.

In this blog, one would expect these types of chords.

To further enrich the musical deluge, the artists utilise chord progressions to their advantage. The most significant of them is the pop-punk chord progression.

"Four Chords" is one of The Axis of Awesome's best-known works. It is a medley of popular songs that all follow the pop-punk chord progression. The work is an attempt to outline the perceived formulaic nature of popular music.

Speaking of the Axis of Awesome, they also underline the similarities of the popular love songs of today in : How to write a Love Song

Until next time.

P.S. The Japanese music industry is frighteningly cutthroat. We really look up to the Japanese artists who made it up.


  1. Very interesting, and I liked the song, downloading Four Chords right now :P

  2. Everything sounds the same nowadays : d

  3. AnonymousJuly 24, 2011

    The video was quite cool.

  4. and thats why i like a lot of different bands and different genres for the melody, many groups often fail to harmonize on some songs, or be original, but its ok, diversity saves us XD

  5. Very interesting & cool!

  6. 4 chords is all you need? Haha. Just look at Katy Perry or any new top 40 song. It's all the same note over and over. Makes me puke!

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  7. music nowadays is like that, some chords repeating over and over again, like reaggeton for example..although i cant complain about it much because it's good to dance :P, but not for listening.

  8. We had a whole maths lesson once on the mathematical forumla behind most pop songs.
    It was quite interesting to see how they're identical lol.
    You've pretty much hit the nail on the head here mate!
    Nice post, following

  9. Really? Another 'conspiracy theory' : D This is fantastic! Glorious! And funny! Thanks a lot for sharing another interesting fact and letting me know there is a great comedian project like Axis of Awesome. I really regret I didn't know about them before.


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