July 14, 2011

Which Fantasy RPG character quiz?

Here are my results:

Your result for The Fantasy RPG Class Test...

The Psionic Striker

15% Strength, 17% Bloodlust, 89% Intelligence, 35% Spirit, 20% Vitality and 20% Agility!
Instead of using magic to manipulate the elements and the world around them, Psionic Strikers will use their mind and mental energy. By focusing their mind, Psionic Strikers can use telekinesis to lift objects and even unleash powerful blasts and shields of mental energy. As masters of martial arts, Psionic Strikers can even use their telekinesis to increase the physical power of their punches and kicks or they can use it to levitate. Against weaker opponents, Psionic Strikers may use their powers to mentally shatter a person's neck or spine. By using their telepathy, Psionic Strikers can read their opponent's mind, and thus more easily predict their next move in battle. This makes them extremely difficult to counter because they always know what you are going to do next. Their telepathy can even be used to speak into another person's mind and plant thoughts and ideas there. They can use this power to manipulate and control their opponents, thus allowing them to turn any battle in their favor. Psionic Strikers often have a passion for death and battle, and some have mastered forms of dark magic. By fusing this dark magic with their psychic energy, Psionic Strikers can create and unleash devasting blasts of powerful energy from their mind and fists. On the other hand, some Psionic Strikers are more peaceful and have mastered forms of light magic, which they can also fuse with their psionic energy. In addition, Psionic Strikers can use their mastery over moon magic to enhance their strength and agility by transforming at night into various wild and ferocious beast-human hybrids.
Congratulations on reaching this frighteningly powerful class!
This is a special class and requires a very high amount of Psionic Force. You scored 72% on this variable!
Psionic Force overshadows any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.

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I must say, this is a pretty well-done quiz. Try it out for yourself, and share your results with me!
Put your class in the comments below!


  1. I did this a few weeks back. I think i got something similar to yours.

  2. haha lol thats cool i did the test with the same results as you!

  3. The Assassin
    33% Strength, 35% Bloodlust, 27% Intelligence, 23% Spirit, 32% Vitality and 38% Agility!

    You are the Assassin, a stealthy warrior focused on silent killing techniques and deadly traps. As one of the most feared classes, you have no trouble taking down multiple opponents in the blink of an eye. While you are quite strong, you have not fully mastered all your skills. To reach the higher classes you must improve both you agility as well as your killing techniques.


  4. The Necromage!

    I guess it can't get any cooler than that. Another terrific idea I found on your blog. And one of the few fun psychological (?) tests I've done in my life.


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