July 3, 2012

Ancient Nuclear Reactor

In 1972, the French Physicist Francis Perrin discovered that nature had created the world's first nuclear reactor two billion years before mankind.

This natural reactor formed when a uranium-rich mineral deposit came in contact with groundwater, which slowed the neutrons (particles) ejected from the uranium so that they could interact with and split other atoms. Heat was produced, turning the water to steam, thus temporarily slowing the chain reaction. The environment cooled, water returned, and the process repeated.

TL;DR - Nature made a nuclear reactor way before the Manhattan project was even conceived 


  1. Sounds interesting, although the lack of source makes me sceptical.

  2. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012

    Well, that's actually kinda interesting. There's also the fact that the only existing nuclear fusion reactors are natural ones as well. The natural world can be quite fascinating in its power.

  3. aren't stars nuclear reactors of sorts too?

  4. Thats exactly what Crash is refering to


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