July 14, 2012

[citation needed]

The posts on this site are usually of good quality, meaning I do some research regarding the topic before I write anything. I would never write something that is just based on rumors, or worse, something that does not exist.


What I'm trying to say is that I don't think I'll be able to provide sources for every post I do, sources like what you might see in a thesis. If I were to do that... it'll take up a lot of my time :(.
The sources/citation links would also present themselves as whole new unnecessary blocks of text.

Which is what this website is trying to avoid.

I try to make physics, or physics concepts easily understandable by the average reader. I can't do that if I were to show you every source to every science 'fact' that is mentioned in every post. Worst case scenario, the readers will feel the burden of knowledge and not read what I have to say entirely.

Yes, I can't deny that you should take everything posted here with a grain of salt. Although, I assure you, that every post I make is of the utmost quality. I have countless posts that were scrapped and remain in my blogger.com draft graveyard.

I have a post regarding 'Intrusive Thoughts' that I've been working on for weeks, but due to my own limitations I have never felt that it was up to standard, and it sits nicely on top of all the other drafts.

Someday, perhaps.


  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2012

    I'll say this, you're better than some of the other physics blogs I've seen. There's one in particular which has gone crazy and is going on about how there's evidence the origin of man is to do with Mars.

    Keep it up, but I guess if anything you could always make a Sunday post where you cite a few sources to show it at least came from somewhere? You don't need sources to explain every detail, just one for each post to show where it comes from. If anyone cares enough they can do their own research, because that's not what you're here to do. That way, it'll at least resolve any problems people have with citation.

  2. Man I am grateful to find a scientific blog that I can understand, I am someone who is not an native english speaker and having you explaining interesting stuff in terms I can understand is really welcome.


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