July 31, 2012

Green Energy?

Modern technology has significantly improved our lives. You can see the mark of engineers everywhere around you: be it the ceiling fan or the monitor that you're staring on, humans have indeed come quite a long way.

Unfortunately, everything around us is terribly reliant on energy. Conservation of energy literally makes our clock tick, and powers our lives. Therefore, losing all our energy sources is indeed an unpleasant thought. Human scientists are working around the clock to use green energy in fueling our hunger for power - however green energy isn't as efficient as those you get from nonrenewable sources...

What is green energy, you might ask?

That is the point of this post - to lay the groundwork for an upcoming green energy post that I've been working on for quite a while. Without further ado:

I'm here to tackle all your questions on renewable energy, if you have them. Leave your questions below.

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  1. Is it true that green energy will, at least at the start, be more expensive than traditional sources of energy?


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